Affordable products for household and garden with a functional design.



The company is founded by the Hammargren brothers Carl and Hugo from Tingsryd. Early in their lives the brothers moves to Stockholm and goes to the S:t Erik Fair. At the fair they discover a small Italian machine that can make small plastic products using manual power and electrical heating. The brothers purchase a machine like this and commence production in Spånga.





The 1950's is an important decade for plastic. Plastic household products now start being sold in normal food stores. The vacuum flask is launched, while TV viewing gathers momentum. The TV flask, TV tray and TV cup are essential accessories for watching television.

1951 The company grows rapidly and as early as 4 years after the founding, a necessity for new facilities emerged along with recruiting of additional personnel. Back in the original locale of the Hammargren brothers they would find both facilities and an abundance of manpower. Because of this the production is relocated to the home locale, Tingsryd.



In the 1960's it is possible to mass produce all kinds of items. Many products made of wood, metal and bakelite are replaced by new, more advanced plastic materials. Clothing and furniture are also made of plastic.

1966 The old carpentry becomes incapacious and a decision is taken to build a completely new factory and a separate office building.

1968 The new factory stands ready and is inaugurated with a bang.



In the 1970's, plastic comes in for criticism for being 'too plastic'. Plastic also becomes a symbol for things that are artificial and made-up, an emblem for disposable consumerism.

At the same time manufacturers begin to improve the quality of the plastics, and designers working with plastic products harness it's unique properties to an even greater extent.

1977 The Ski-Board designed by Arne Darnell is launched. It is an instant hit and around 70,000 boards are sold during the first year.



The 1980's sees the emergence of plastics with even more advances properties than in the 70's. Now the material is beginning to withstand very high temperatures and can therefore be used in products designed for microwave ovens.

1985 AB Bonnierföretagen entirely acquires Hammarplast AB.

1986 Hammarplast AB is transferred to Grafoprint. The majority share holder of Grafoprint is the Bonnier family. (During 1988 the name of Grafoprint AB is changed into Duni AB.)

1987 Hammarplast AB acquires the company NilsJohan AB in Eskilstuna.

1988 At year-end 1988-89, Hackman Housewares acquires Hammarplast AB.

1989 Hammarplast assumes the entire assortment of consumer products from Idealplast AB, products that were earlier sold under the brand Gustavsberg. All shares in Sarvis Oy are acquired, which is Finland's largest producer of plastic consumer products.



In the mid 90's we launch a new concept: SmartStore™. A unique range of flexible storage boxes for all needs originally designed by Jørgen Hjørdie. The SmartStore™ range is tremendously successful and we are continously developing the concept to meet the needs of the modern home.

1991 All shares in Plast Center AB in Gislaved are acquired and merged with Hammarplast.

1995 The Danish company Dynoplast A/S is acquired along with the Norwegian household oriented operations in Dynoplast A/S. We also present Epoque which is a series of flower pots, window boxes and hanging baskets. This series has a rough natural surface while all benefits of the plastic material remains. Within the Epoque series you will find products for both indoor and outdoor environments.

1996 Hammarplast acquires Gösta Widén AB in Hunnamåla.

1998 Hammarplast is acquired by Plastumgruppen AB based in Lidköping. The group changes it's name to Hammarplastgruppen AB.


21st Century

Plastic is 'in' again. Cheerful, colourful furniture and products made of plastic are appearing in homes again. We are focusing our product development on storage and the garden, and are launching several new products.

Botanica, a garden series designed by Gunilla Lindahl. We are raising the level of our storage products, and during the autumn of 2008 we are launching SmartStore™ Cube and SmartStore™ Home, and during 2009 the SmartStore™ Classic series expands to as many as 16 sizes.

2006 Hammarplast AB buys into the Snapware® Corp. that manufactures SmartStore™ Classic on license for the North American market.

2009 Hammarplast AB changes it's name into Hammarplast Consumer AB and launches SmartStore™, a new brand within the storage category.

2011 Hammarplast Consumer changes ownership and enters Orthex Group. The merger leads to the creation of a leading Nordic company within household products and a clear market leader within the same segment.